Walmart Staves off unionization to its stores, the staff asked him to form an alliance, they risk losing benefits and vacation time, a potential violation of U.S. labor law, it could inflame relations between the company and its employees picketed stores on Black Friday and tried to organize. Walmart workers and labor advocates have protested outside his chain of stores across the Thanksgiving weekend, complaining of low wages, it pays to its employees. The company, which paid its CEO $ 18100000 – and made $ 15 billion in profits last year, he fought off the Union’s experience before, and now it tells its employees unionization could lead to the loss of bonuses and vacation time, a spokesman said. Skip to Bloomberg. Walmart was the unions, because Sam Walton opened his first store in ROGERS, Arkansas, 1962, the These days, “we have the human resources teams around the country that are available to talk to employees, and we will have to join the union,” said David Tovar – a spokesman for the company. “We need to say,” Let us remember that walmart offer, and what can go far. Quarterly bonuses may go away, it may be time to go on vacation. “” Such tactics may not be illegal, according to them, because they can be viewed as a prediction of the outcome, rather than threatening them, so at the Josh Eidelson However, the effects of such a “prediction” that joining a union may follow a similar Compensation very simple. Walmart anti-labor practices are not new in 2008. Store employees, who were against the union meetings, they are forced to attend. Despite walmart has long struggled organization.jpg efforts in the U.S., it sometimes leaves the organization are working in other countries, especially when unionization conventional walmart entering a new country, the United States, responded to the unionization effort to close the branch, the legislative reform of labor struggle and now employees to join the union says that could result in their bonus.

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